Harbin Haxi Coach Station, Heilongjiang, China

Location: Heilongjiang, China  
Site Area: 4.1 ha
Building Area: 54,316 sqm
Client: Haxi New District Gov.

The Harbin Haxi Coach Station is located in the South Side of the East Square of Haxi Train Station. The site area is 4.1ha, and the total building area is 54,316 square meters. It has 2 layers above ground and 3 layers underground including the main structure, a relatively independent information center, an exit bridge across the express way and a dedicated road & square. As one of the 10 most important construction projects in Harbin’s Urban Development Strategy, Haxi Long Bus Terminal Station is an important component of Haxi Transportation Hub. The project is built according to senior grade project standards of passenger stations and designed to service 25000 passengers / day. Passengers can easily transfer to other vehicle such as railway, city bus, taxi and subway.